Sunday, August 27, 2006

A weekend of fun: Reception Edition

The wedding was beautiful, until I have pics of the actual ceremony you will have to believe me. But we can go straight to the reception! April looked amazing, she was so calm and collected to whole time, and she was the star of the dance floor too. Things got started at 6 pm and I hear the last late nighters were out until 2amApril looking rediculously good, and myself, we are just cuttin up the dance floor.
Uncle Darin, Aunt Lanae and Grandma watching the hooligans on the dance floor before showing them how its really done.
the bride, mother of the bride, and matron of honor!
John and Brandon, enough said.
The beauty.

Oh just us!
What a fun night, there was enough dancing to last me a couple of weeks. There was enough laughter to last me the night.
But there was not enough family to last me 3 months!
More pics to come!

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Kristi said...

Wow, i feel like I'm the only person who leaves comments. oh well i like it and i'll keep doing it. I'm so glad you keep this site updated. You and April look gorgeous as always. Please wish April congrats for me, i'm sure the wedding was beautiful. It was fun to see a picture of Brittany, man i haven't seen her forever. Well how's the hubby? You should do a blog on your new apartment and life in Florida! Anyway, i love you and miss you.