Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh Sadie!

Well tonight was a hard night in the Teten home. We had our hopes set on Sadie the Publicist from San Diego to ultimately win the bachelor Lorenzo's heart. Shockingly he chose someone else. While the other girl was sweet and lovely . . . she was no Sadie. But John and I are hopeful! We want Sadie to find the godly man she wants and deserves. (she was just blinded by Lorenzo's floppy hair-do)Go Sadie . . . we can be friends in real life if you want?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thank You!

My family is the greatest. This was the first Thanksgiving that John and I were away from our family. And to our surprise and utter joy we recieved a gift in the mail. It was filled with warm thanksgiving wishes, pictures, drawings, music, and tokens of love and fun! Man oh man it was so heart warming. We had so much fun with it.Here is the box of love. And yes I am wearing a down jacket in the apartment! It has been chilly here in Florida, and we were determined not to turn on the heat. Which is good because right now it is 75 outside.

We love the Straights, Hofmanns, Luzes, and Schlitts. Your thoughts meant so much to us! And we get to be home so soon.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Day on Campus

John and I have an incredible job in which spending half of a day every week alone with our bibles and Jesus is written in our job description. So we headed to campus this past week to get some time away from our apartment. And here are a few of our pics.This beautiful chapel sits on the shore of Lake Alice. It is incredibly quiet in there and usually empty according to students.
Look who came to join us. Little Gator and his friend Plastic Bag.

And then we finally found the snout and eyeballs of Mama Gator across campus on our way home. I just wanted everyone to know that John and I are faring well here. As you can see we have been making friends all over campus.

Enough Said

My Favorite New Driver

My brother recently celebrated his 16 Birthday. And he called me last night to tell me about his new car. How exciting Brandon, congrats on a new age . . . a new ride . . . and transportation freedom. I will be your wingman anyday (by that I mean I will be a passenger)
Here are some pics of this studly brother of mine with a Straight signature Ford vehicle.
And there are some football pics coming, but lets reflect on my little brothers former size, before we marvel and his athleticism.
This is the little guy now! Not so small anymore, but just as goofy and jovial as ever. You can tell by the look on his face that he is contemplating his next pricision move to beat the opponent soundly.

Brandon happens to be a ladies man, and "changes girlfriends more often than his underwear" according to my Dad. But I sort of agree. But I guess that means that my brother is aware that these silly high school girls are not worth too much fuss. I am behind you all the way Brandon.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

It had to be done!

I had a great halloween with some of my bible study girls. They came over to our apartment and we watched bewitched and ate pumpkin bread. But in reminiscing past nights of yore with my good friends I happened upon this picture of the best halloweener I know. Mrs. Becca Duvall, she is the one to credit for this amazing dragon/alligator costume. What a gal! Thanks Becca for being is so many of my good memories. I hope you wore this on Halloween this year.