Saturday, September 27, 2008

floridian adventures

at the beach

Last weekend we took 50 students to the beach. Last year it was such a success we were looking forward to it. The lack of beach pics shows how little time I spent on the beach. I spent more time at the grocery store than I did at the beach. But here are some irresistable pics of Sam at Chipotle when we got home.
Who knew a kid with a block in his mouth could be so adorable.

This pic is not so much irresistable as the man that I am kissing in it. He is UNBELIEVABLE!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

mac attack

John invested in a MacBook in order to be able to design web pages, tshirts and the like for our ministry.  But so far the greatest thing about the newest addition to the family is that it takes funny pics of us.

Monday, September 15, 2008

livin the dream

There is something about my season of life that has made me more reflective. Not necessarily of the past but of the present. I knew that finishing school would provide for me a freedom in life and ministry and marriage that I had not experienced in the past two years, and I am trying to enjoy every moment of that freedom. What I have realized is that life is on it way and most of the time I don't slow down to realize how good it is, and how good I have it. It is contrary to my nature to sit and contemplate where I am, but I am exercising my rest and contentment muscles every day.
And the truth is that I am living the dream! I get to wake up with new mercies available to me in Christ Jesus every morning. I am married to a delightful man who makes me laugh and shares all of life with me. My job requires me to spend time with Jesus every morning, who doesn't need time with the Creator carved out for them? I have the freedom to ride my bike (named free spirit) to campus and meet with women who are also growing to understand the intimacy with which they are loved by the Lord. Simple things give me so much joy as well. I love baking bread! the Farmers Market has been a fun addition to my weekly grocery trips. My sewing machine still frightens me, but its available whenever my fear subsides and my creative fingers get movin. We are building relationships with people in Gainesville that have brightened our lives and refresh us weekly. I never dreamt of living a life like I do, but I realize its God's perfect provision for me! I am living my dream.