Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Weekend of Fun: Photo Edition

So the weekend is over, my sister is married, and we have to return to Florida. We had to take every picture possible before everyone headed home. Here are a couple of them.

Oh goodness, those Tetens are cute! Just my husband and I.
Brandon and John had to exert their manliness, they showed Steamboat who is boss.
John's cuddlier side . . . these are the men in my family. Good lookin group.
Oh the womens. What a strong group of amazing mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.
Whoa, who thought it would be funny to take a picture where everyone is kissing their other? Lets hope my brother finds a better mate for next time. Actually forget that . . . stay away from those girls Brandon, they fog the mind. No good. Just keep lifting weights.

John and I enjoyed every moment of this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and it was so good to get some family time. Best wishes to the Hofmanns and i cannot wait to see my family again.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A weekend of fun: Reception Edition

The wedding was beautiful, until I have pics of the actual ceremony you will have to believe me. But we can go straight to the reception! April looked amazing, she was so calm and collected to whole time, and she was the star of the dance floor too. Things got started at 6 pm and I hear the last late nighters were out until 2amApril looking rediculously good, and myself, we are just cuttin up the dance floor.
Uncle Darin, Aunt Lanae and Grandma watching the hooligans on the dance floor before showing them how its really done.
the bride, mother of the bride, and matron of honor!
John and Brandon, enough said.
The beauty.

Oh just us!
What a fun night, there was enough dancing to last me a couple of weeks. There was enough laughter to last me the night.
But there was not enough family to last me 3 months!
More pics to come!

A Weekend of Fun! Rehearsal edition

So the location for this weekends festivities, is in beautiful Steamboat Colorado. On the hillside overlooking the valley. We have 26 people staying up here in the two houses we rented. It has been a little colder than we wanted, but the view is still unbelievable!

Our View
The couple practicing those important ceremony moments.
My family: Dawn, Grandma, Darin and Gary. Spectating the practice.
The back of our weekend home. All set up for the dinner. We even had live entertainment. A local country band serenaded us into the week hours of the morning.
Our dinner was catered by a local chef. It was amazing. Corn on the cob, brisket, beans, and beer.
My two favorite men! My bro Brandon and my hubbie!
One night down, the next one two lives will join into one. We cannot wait for some Hofmanns.

The Bachelorette Party

We had a blast celebrating April's end of singlehood. The bridesmaids took her out to enjoy being girls!
Kate, Cindy, April and I eating delicious cheese and dessert at the Melting Pot. Man they sure know how to sell those specials to you!
We went out to wash bar, I have lived in Fort Collins all of my life, and that was my first wash bar experience. We even saw John from the Real World Key West. That is him on the left. Who knew celebrities hung out at dumpy college town bars?
We also saw my beautiful friend Jen there too, with her friend Megan. Good Dancers!
And then we saw little Amy Heilig. Man I miss her.
And to top it all off, I saw a girl I went to Junior High with. Her name is Brittany and I went with her family to Arizona back in the day. She is still so beautiful! I never imagined to see so many familiar faces.
Congrats April, you are so soon to be married, and I am privileged to share these days with you. Love you. What an excellent night.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Here is to 50 great years.

My grandparents would be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. 50 years ago they fell in love and were the beginning of a legacy of love, integrity, faith, hard work and devotion.

My grandpa died in March of 2003. He was an amazing man who loved his family, loved to work, bowl, and golf. But most of all he loved his wife.

I am so proud of my grandparents. To me they have been an example of a long lasting, fulfilling and selfless marriage. They set the bar high for future generations to put their spouse above themselves. I saw this over and over again in the way they cared for each other.

I had to throw this in, because it would not be my blog without a Melissa plug-in. What a cute little thing i am, and what an amazing grandpa I have pushing my swing.

Here is to an amazing couple, a loving example and the most encouraging picture of an eternal commitment I know of.I love you grandma and grandpa!

Bowling Buddies

Today was our first official Nav event at UF. We had students over to the Nugents for some food, ice cream, and just getting to know each other on a spiritual and social level. There are some awesome students here who have been doing a great job in the ministry.

We took them bowling afterward, in the game room of UF's student center. How cool, lanes on campus.

Me doing the dang thing. I have bowling talent coursing through my veins.

One of the returning students, Claire, such a fun and great girl!

John, freshman Chase, and Ben Nugent (the high scorers of the game)!

So much fun!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My new home

You will have to forgive my lack of current photos. I have neglected to carry my camera around and capture our new life. So this picture is actually from my honeymoon! But good news Florida is okay. And I think I will make it. Our apartment is fun to live in. It is slowly becoming a teten creation. And best of all I have not seen a roach anywhere. We have spent everyday of the two weeks we have been here unpacking, buying, returning, furniture window shopping, re-window shopping, and pulling u-turns around town as we figure it all out! We have met a couple of students and I have even had the privilege of getting food with a wonderful student named Kate. I cannot wait to meet more amazing people and get our feet wet on campus (but not in Lake Alice, which is on campus and is the proud home of alligators) Stay posted for some pictures!