Friday, November 16, 2007


You guessed it . . . we are moving there! Wait I mean I bought some! Can you believe it, I own me some China. Using/owning china is less of a deal out West, and I really haven't had a seed of wanting China until I passed by this beauty set at a THRIFT STORE. I bought a 48 piece set for a whoppin 30 bones. And it is all I could have dreamed it to be if I had been dreaming about it!

I like to call the design . . . twirly
Now I just need an occassion to use it, or really a place to store it would be a good place to start. Maybe I need to go hunt a thrift store china cabinet?

Here is just a taste of the wonderful set that I got! Thank You Lord for providing in wonderful ways. And it truly was more than I imagined.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Womens Retreat

Some of you know that since August, I have been dreaming, praying, and stressing about the Florida Regional Women's Retreat that I was the Director of. The retreat was this past weekend and it went so well. God blessed us with safety, a great speaker, precious girls, sweet tshirts and an uplifting time. 65 girls from all over Florida joined us here in Gainesville for friday night and saturday day. We enjoyed hearing from a godly woman Debbie Friley who shared what it meant and looked like to be set free by knowing the Truth. My favorite part was tea time, in which girls got to dress up and drink tea with each other while getting to talk with older women. Ahh it was so good.

Here are some of the pics. These women are from my campus, UF.
And this is a our big group. The faces are so little, but look how joyous everyone looks. You can tell they were all just at a sweet retreat.
Thanks to those who prayed for this little retreat. And for those who had to deal with my frazzeledness during the planning. My husband is glad to have clean clothes and food in the house now that I have had time to grocery shop and clean our underwear! Ha.