Monday, December 07, 2009

what i am clinging to . . .

the 5th and 6th verse of Psalm 16.

The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup;
You hold my lot.

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.

How thankful I have been as I have thought through these words. That they are not mere words, but they give me life because they are true, and can be true in my life if I let them.
The Lord is whom I have chosen, He is my portion. He holds my today and tomorrow. And no matter the day or cirumstance, I am in a pleasant place and have an assured beautiful inheritance. It is good to be a daughter of the King. Thank You my King.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

at the park with Noey

Our home away from home away from home

Glen Eyrie is the home of The Navigators headquarters in Colorado Springs. It was built in the 1870s by the founder of Colorado Springs, William Jackson Palmer. He fell in love with the beauty of this particular spot along the rockies. The Navigators purchased the property where General Palmer built his home, a castle, in 1953. It is used to hold conferences, train staff and be a retreat center. This is often where we have gone for meetings and training throughout the years. It is a wonderful place to come back to!

The castle, General Palmer's house-turned-castle.
We took a drive to see the vista!
Beautiful Colorado.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Reason for the Season

Is not John and I, this is just the order they uploaded in . . .
The reason is that my parents have been married 30 years!

And John and I came out and surprised them! My sis joined in the fun later too! We had such a good time with the fam!!! We shopped, ate at our favorites fort collins spots, took a drive up in the mountains to look at the fall colors and watched the Gators win!
Thanks Mom and Dad for being so great and for deciding to spend forever together 30 years ago!

Colorado Times

John and I have been on the road for the past couple of weeks, getting to see friends and family. It has been so wonderful. I would love to post some pics of getting to see our fam! these are just a few, more to come.
Vivs . . . Vivian is such a cutie. She is talking so much. My favorite is her animal sound for a rooster "doodle doo" And she favored the word "okay" or "otay" while we were there. Couldn't get enough of her
We got to meet our newest niece Freesia!! A cute little button that was content to let us hold her awake or not. We loved every minute of it. Way to go Jens and Kristi, we love you and your babes.
Upon just waking up in John's arms!
And you bet it snowed here. In September . . . the day before the first day of fall and it was snowing!!!! We had to catch it on film or digits.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

my handyman's handywork

Well, with the inspiration of our favorite coffee house (thanks Davey), the expertise and equipment of our favorite Military Navigator (thanks Roy), many layers of paint and a few extra holes in the wall (dang it)....we have handcrafted our first Teten family heirloom. Now just pray that it won't come crashing down on our table!

Monday, August 10, 2009

all in a sunday's work

well, last sunday I tackled a job I had been planning on for a while! Thanks to a simple, free pattern from and a $2 set of garage sale sheets put to another use . . . I now have a cute little circle skirt!

oh the joys . . . and sometimes headaches of my sewing inklings.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

interesting foods!

We ate a bunch of different kinds of foods. Some I had never had before, others I had eaten, just not that part of it! Here are a few . . .
there is much to note here. First the bird is carved out of some fruit, but that is just for beauties. The dish here is snake, chopped in bits, with the skin still attached. And the best way to eat it, apparently is with the skin. Yums.
Pigeon . . . all that remained of it anyway after we had at it. It's head is on the top left of the plate.
This was a little picnic snack provided for us. That is chicken in between crackers. Processed, tubed chicken of course.
Zong zi . . . a traditional treat to eat at Dragon Boat Festival. They are rice triangles with meat or egg or ? inside.
Left baggy: dried rose buds . . . "good for skin" right baggy: ? "bitter, good for waist"
This was more different than weird, this is John's birthday cake. Although they do not celebrate birthdays except for children, I had this cake made for John's day. It has fruit on it, typical cakes have various fruits on top!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swine flu?

We heard before traveling that we would be stopped at our final destination and be checked for symptoms of Swine flu. So we were doing what we could as we were landing to not be caught with a sudden temperature or sickly looking appearance. And what we were told would happen did happen. A few people boarded our plane covered head to toe in hazmat suits, goggles and gloves. One of the guys had on a pair of ski goggles!

So we waited as everyone had their temperature taken by the black radar gun! Everyone was ok on our plane. If anyone was suspicious though they would have been quarantined along with three rows in front of them and three rows behind.

It reminded me of a time in elementary school when the fire department came to our school to teach us stop, drop and roll . . . They also suited up in their fireproof garb so we would know what they look like if ever caught in a fire. They asked us "Now are you going to be afraid if someone dressed like this ever comes to rescue you?" All the kids said, "NO!" But secretly I was scared of how they looked . . . all covered up, huge masks on, big boots. I was a little scared of these goggled faces too!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

learning the language . . .

we spent 4 weeks beginning to learn Chinese. Our team was in class everyday with a tutor. We learned the phonetics of their alphabet and learned some basic conversational stuff. We could get by on our few phrases "hello, how are you?" "My name is ___, what is your name?" "That bag is expensive, cheaper?!" "I don't have any bread" "I like coffee" We all loved using the the Chinese word, kafei because it sounds the most like our english word coffee, and because we were all thirsting for some coffee in a land dominated by tea!
John really picked up what we learned and quickly started putting sentences together. It also might be because he looked over what we learned once every night. (He had the book we shared . . . thats what East Asia gets for putting us in separate dorms!)
Here is our beloved teacher Anna. She was very patient with us 10 Americans. We got off track only a few times with her!

these videos are very representative of our time in class. As we learned different phonetics, we would practice by repeating them three different times. They sound a little strange, and you might notice us laughing a little as we repeat. Our laoshi (teacher) would also ask us questions in chinese, we would ponder a minute wondering if we have any idea what she just asked, and then try to assemble an answer that made any sense to her! In the second video she asks if I have a younger sister. Once I actually understand what she is asking, I say "no, I don't have a sister."