Friday, December 07, 2007

tired in gainesville

John and I have been running nonstop the past week or so. I guess I have not been running, I actually have been sitting A LOT. Our couch has been my office, classroom and library for a year and half. And there are days that go by that I just sit and sit and sit and write and write and write.
That is how this week has been. With two major projects and a whoppin cumulative chem test in front of me, my eyes are tired and my brain is no longer producing anything intelligent.
I made 27 mini loaves of pumpkin bread for other studying tummies around me, but then realized that I am a studying tummy, who is making my bread?
The only good thing is that instead of gaining marriage weight, it seems that all my hours of sedentary typing away and pumpkin-loafing has left me smaller than when I walked to class and had to move myself around campus. Maybe I have lost all muscle mass I once owned, it was so little. Or maybe I have sweat off pounds by sitting motionless in the Florida heat. Either way, I am ready to let my couch be a couch and my bed be my bed. Goodnight.