Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our Home

Well it only took 2 months to show a spec of our home in G-ville, but here it is. This is our home, where we hang our gator gear, you know the usual. But John and I love our home, and it is our haven of Teten love!

location of amazing meal production! Or at least I am working on it.
It is a tiny little kitchen with no airflow, but who doesn't like to sweat in the kitchen . . . wait I sweat everywhere, I love in Florida.
Where we ate most of our meals until we finally bought our table. And not only is it our dining room, but our guest bedroom too. Please take a long look at your future accomodations at the Teten home!
It is really pretty spacious. All-inclusive hide-a-bed room with view overlooking what might be a ghetto, we are still not sure. Site features free bike use, outdoor pool, laundry room and bi-monthly pest control. (only 3 roaches have graced us with their ugliness since we moved in) another one of the reasons why the Teten abode is ranked highest among the best places to visit family and friends.

Just me, Mrs. Teten about to enjoy our date night of sushi, pinot grigio, and Monsters Inc. What else are you looking for in your vacation destination?
Anyways we love our home, and we love being married. And we want to share it with you even if it is through pictures and not in person.

Our Trip to Tampa

Last weekend we drove to Tampa (about 2 hours south of Gainesville) for a Florida Regional Staff Meeting. We spent the weekend at a hotel on the beach of St. Pete. I have never been to such a fun conference. We had time at the beach, and learned a lot about doing ministry on college campuses.This is outside our room . . . gorgeous huh?

And to top it all off we got to go to a Yankees game, they were playing the SunDevils. Oh Baseball . . .
Thanks to our regional director and his beautiful wife, Dave and Jan. John and I had a wonderful time and I cannot wait to spend more time with our Florida team.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

UF Campus

The University of Florida campus is gorgeous. There is lush greenery and palm trees everywhere of course. But the buildings are beautiful and old as well. Not to mention there is a huge stadium right on campus. For those who live in Fort Collins: imagine driving down Laurel St. going west and looking to your left you see a stadium that seats 90,000 (bigger than hughes and invesco combined) instead of Parmelee. How crazy is that. And of course all of their games are sold out here. We will be lucky to get to be in "the swamp" for a home game.

This is our new bike. New for us because we bought it at Goodwill for $10

This is one of many ponds around campus. I guess at any time a gator could be hanging out in one of them. Today it rained the whole time we were on campus from 7am to 3pm.

John and I working our table at a Student Organization Fair on Wednesday. We were giving away $50 to Moe's (a very popular burrito place) It was enough to get plenty of students to fill out our survey and we had the chance to meet a bunch of great students.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Husband

This is just a quick tribute to my greatest friend, John. I was just pondering the other day how smooth and easy it has been to be so far away from everything that I know and love so much. My friends, family, and free drinks at Chipotle. And truthfully there is only one reason why I have been doing so well. The Lord is showing me His love in wonderful ways through John. Without him I would for sure be a wreck. But his personality and patience enables me to slow down. He is also my biggest encourager. John makes me feel validated as a woman, a wife, a minister and a daughter of Christ. Man I love my husband.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ocoee Rafting In Tennessee

For Labor Day weekend we took students on the annual Florida Navigators rafting trip in Ocoee Tennessee which is about 7 hrs from Gainesville. It was so much fun we camped for two nights and rafted in between. The Ocoee River plunges 269ft across 5 miles. It is the same river than olympian kayakers competed in for the '96 summer olympics in Atlanta. It had up to class 5 rapids. It was a little intimidating with that kind of background but so much fun. I cannot wait until next fall to do it again. I am sorry that none of the actual rafting could be captured. So our campsite will have to do.