Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tour De Corn, a midwest travel (first edition)

Oh the Midwest . . . John and I braved the corn and the rain for a trip to see some of my family and our friends that live along the way. Our prayer this summer is to add financial partners to our ministry in Florida. Going out to share our vision was fun and we are looking forward to more opportunities to travel and share.

We had to stop and see Rush. They really age well those men. We had both been there before as little children. But it was fun to see as a family.

John is thinking of running for president? What do you think?

He has that stoic good lookin' man with great hair face.

Really, he has no problem with Abe.

It seems like we have not matured much since the last time we visited this national monument.

Maybe next time.

Tour De Corn, a midwest travel (second edition)

My husband and I really enjoyed our time in South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. We tried to fall into tourist traps, but we only succeeded in the free or cheap traps. We took a brief little jaunt through Wall Drug. It is a small town that used to have one shop called Wall Drug. A store with your typical drug store finds. But it became pretty popular and so other stores copied the idea and started selling more and more souvenier treasures. Today it is a street long store, shop after shop is connected to each other. Naturally John tried on a cowboy hat and holster. And naturally he looked a bit goofy and sexy at the same time.
It seems goes well with the basketball shorts and new balance tennis shoes.
John tends to have a desperado smoldery yet lone on the range look right.

A famous treat at Wall Drug is 5 cent coffee. I am not sure what I expected, but brown watery mud floavor is not what I had imagined.

We stopped for a little stretch break and found a little haven next to the Missouri River. A relaxing and memorable little moment.

And we had the privilege of seeing the home in which my mom became a baby. She grew up in this house in Brandon, South Dakota before they moved to Minnesota. A cute little home for sure. I can see a baby momma running around in the front yard.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For he's a Johnner good fellow

I know we already celebrated John's birthday blogger style. But there are some great pics to share. For starters we will see Mr. Teten's handcrafted sign for John's special day in Colorado Springs.

What a big boy

He schooled his brothers and sisters in a game of "everyman for himself"

We were able to celebrate in Fort Collins a couple of days later. My Dad shares the same birthday as John. The guys made a makeshift putting green in our backyard.

And my beautiful cousins entertaining me!

Man these girls love their cousin John. They drew him pictures for his birthday. Thanks Katelyn and Averi.

How Boring!

It is so unreal of me that I have not blogged in a month. While in Fort Collins John and I live with my sister and brother-in-law. And April for sure reminds me when I have been lacking in my updating dilligence. So sorry, John and I have been trying to keep up with Fort Collins life with all of our family and friends close by. I have been up to my nose hairs in textbooks. But it has been refreshing to be on campus at Colorado State and enjoy FoCo in the summer, a true delight. We have visited New Belgium Brewery our fair share and are looking forward to doing some tubing the Poudre before we leave.
The Hofmanns have been so gracious to us. Allowing us to come and go on our hectic and uncertain schedule, and they are so incredible for it.
I will do my best to post a bit here and there about our time.

On our first anniversary John and I stayed in Denver, and the next day we went back to Belmar to have some lunch. It was so rainy and frigid that we hardly spent any time on our friendly balcony of love and quickly drove home to warm up.

All of the weather and construction made us so thankful for God's provision of perfection the day we got married. We had a beautiful view of the mountains with warm warm weather.