Wednesday, January 30, 2008

La Croix Dreamin

john and I are about to head into a long and anticipated weekend with our students along with Nav students and staff from across the state. we are very exicted to be bringing three times as many students we did last year. this just confirms what we know to be true: that students at UF are hungry for relationship with their Lord and with each other. john and I are the emcees for this conference, so if you think about it, pray for us that we are not attempting painful humor but that we can provide a bit of laughter and excitement for the weekend ahead . . .

we have done so much already these past 4 weeks. we have enjoyed going to our very first gymnastics meets, playing tennis with our new racquets, planning our spring break trip to New Orleans and our summer in Branson, Missouri.

John spoke at the college meeting for our church. he was asked to speak alongside the pastor on the relationship between the church and the parachurch. he is SO good in front of people, most especially in front of college students. I enjoyed it so much, and can not get enough of hearing him teach.

finally, this semester if it pleases the Lord, will be my final one before a most anticipated graduation from CSU. it could not come any sooner. at the end of this semester, I will have completeted 36 credits from a distance, using online classes and transfer credits. Wowser. it is silly for me to put so much effort in to having something to hang on my wall, it will be the most expensive piece of artwork we will ever invest in. I should start looking for a frame to fit.

funny sidenote, people in Florida, or maybe just Gainesville, are crazy about this drink called la croix, it is like a flavored carbonated water, and John has jumped on the seltzer wagon. grocery stores cannot keep these babies stocked. I am not a fan and will stick to my favored diet coke. well . . . good day!

to some up the good news, I got a hair cut that I will not attempt to get ever again, and I purchased a cute little number of a handbag, it has been a while since I perused the aisles of purse glory. it makes me think of summer, yet summer is so far away, January is not the best time to gear up for summer, but here I am.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Favorite Christmas Gifts Part Primo

my husband and wonderful parents-in-lawThe gift of 23: My Birthday

Gift of brothers who's stashes made your skin crawl if they looked at you too long.
Gift of awkward pictures and those willing to take them.

Gift of one fun couple

The gift of one cute sister who schools everything she touches, except for me right?

Gift of Grandma to share the joys of puffy warmth in bitter cold
in this picture there is one delicious gift of a stuffed poblano pepper in my belly.

Favorite Christmas Gifts Part Duex

A gift from Brandon: A day on the slopes looking at a gem of creation: the Rocky Moutains
A gift of siblings: enjoying our familiness over sushi and edamame (thanks April)

A gift of beautiful women

A gift of a great Papa

A gift of the sweetest bro ever!
there were so many more great gifts, yet like i said, I took few pictures! So these are the moments I captured.
Thanks to everyone for those special gifts.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Back in the sunshine

We are back in Florida, and even better news: Lindsey is here with us for a week. We took a quick stop at the beach before heading to swamp land.

We had such a good time in Colorado. I finally started using my camera the last week and so I am excited to share some pictures with everyone from our snow-laden adventures. Until then we will be enjoying our visitor, our students and the 70 degree weather. Looking forward to it.