Saturday, March 20, 2010

on breakfast in Gainesville

Before we moved to Gainesville, John and I lived in Fort Collins.  And one of the defining characteristics of Fort Collins, along with great biking lanes, view of the Rockies, New Belgium Brewery and no humidity, is that they at one point in history had the most restaurants per capita than any other U.S.  city.

That said, we have our Fort Collins faves.  It is hard to believe that nobody does sushi better than Suehiro.  And a potato burrito from Big City is hard to match.  But most of all, you have GOT to love breakfast in Fort Collins.  Farmer's Table has been a long time family fave, and right up there on John's list of breakfast spots.  There is also Silver Grill, the Breakfast Club, the Blue Bird Cafe, and many others that have popped up since we have moved.  But my ALL TIME favorite has to be Lucilles.  You just cannot get a better biscuit for your buck.  Coffee, good breakfast coffee.  Tea, never had better.  Hank's eggs, awesome.  

So when we moved to Gainesville we were all about finding our new spot to get breakfast on a lazy Saturday morning.  We are still looking.  I mean, there is Ivey's if you want to spend a lot of money.  There is Peach Valley Cafe if you want local Perkin's-style fare.  And then there are spotty places around town where you can find eggs and grits with toast, but don't expect much more.  Oh and flying biscuit which is the Egg and I of the South except not as good.  So we gladly go to Cracker Barrel when we need some pancakes.


We have found another spot.  Only 6 weeks before we must move of course.  This place has personality.  It is called The Jones, and while Lucilles would kick their butt most days of the week, we will take it!  We had some Jones Rancheros which was de lish.   All of their food is organic and local.   We are sure to stop by again before starting our search all over again in Jacksonville.  And for those of you lucky to be in Fort Collins, and don't know what I mean, your welcome, I have eaten a lot of food in that town to tell you exactly where to go out to eat.
Melissa "I want to a Lucilles biscuit" Teten

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

free artwork

I just heard about this site and checked it out. Feed Your Soul  is a site that offers artwork from various artists for free.  All you do is download and print.  All I am thinking is make sure you have enough ink!  Here is one I downloaded.

its cutesy.  I picture a lot of the prints in a nursery or kids room, or your girly office.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

"I made it work"

John returns tomorrow!  He has been with a students at the African American Congress on Discipleship in Virginia.  I cannot wait for him to return to me!  It is hard sharing your husband.  For any of you wives who regularly have to say good-bye to your husbands due to the nature of their work, I salute you, or cry with you, or want to buy you pepper spray.

I range from a bump on a log to a power house (call me the mitochondria of my home)  when John is away.  This time I finished a sewing project I started when he was away a few weekends ago (pictured above).  I also made some homemade granola in anticipation of my in-laws coming to visit soon.  Soon as in a few weeks, and by then the granola will be gone.

I had the privilege of attending two weddings in matter of a handful of hours, in which I wore my latest garment!

Other than than it has been phone calls to friends to keep me occupied, watching My Sister's Keeper, and finding out what Modern Family is all about.

I cannot wait for John to come home.