Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Weekend of Fun: Photo Edition

So the weekend is over, my sister is married, and we have to return to Florida. We had to take every picture possible before everyone headed home. Here are a couple of them.

Oh goodness, those Tetens are cute! Just my husband and I.
Brandon and John had to exert their manliness, they showed Steamboat who is boss.
John's cuddlier side . . . these are the men in my family. Good lookin group.
Oh the womens. What a strong group of amazing mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.
Whoa, who thought it would be funny to take a picture where everyone is kissing their other? Lets hope my brother finds a better mate for next time. Actually forget that . . . stay away from those girls Brandon, they fog the mind. No good. Just keep lifting weights.

John and I enjoyed every moment of this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and it was so good to get some family time. Best wishes to the Hofmanns and i cannot wait to see my family again.

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Becca Blackham said...

Too funny! So, that girl named Brittany.. She's Brian's cousin (as in Shelley's brian) ...Jordan informed me of that, weird! Love you and glad you had fun!