Monday, April 27, 2009

road rash

Unfortunately John had his first bike wreck.  He was riding home from campus after the big Orange and Blue game and his brake snapped off while he was going downhill.  Considering the traffic and sharp turn at the bottom of the hill he decided the best option would be to slide his bike down on the ground and give up some skin in the process.  His left leg was pretty torn up as well as his hands.  But other than that we are thankful the Lord kept him from worse (hitting a car, being thrown off the front of his handlebars, hitting his head or teeth . . .yuck)
in the process of me doctoring him up over the past week we have noticed our very different healing regimens.  John would prefer to leave it open and dry to scab up, and I wanted to keep that sucker wrapped.  We could not agree over his leg and we are certain we wont agree if we have kids and they skin their knees or get tricycle road rash.
so for now his bike is waiting repair of a spoke and a fixed gear brake thing that John has told me about but I don't understand.  
Oh well, we are off to the the Gulf for a couple of days and then to california to see John's sis, and husband and daughter and his brother!  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bro's Senior Prom

I am so proud of my little, but not really little brother . . . especially when he wears hot pink!

Monday, April 13, 2009

beaches and bikes

since the last time I posted I have been to the beach and back twice, which is an exciting thing for me!  In March our UF staff team went to Orlando for a weekend of relaxing, bonding and potty training(if you were Sam)  It was a great time to be sure, filled with karaoke, swimming, sun burns and a couple of games.  Sam is always entertainment enough.  Here he is decked out in some gear John bought for last fourth of july, in spirit with the theme of backwoods Branson.

and we took it to the beach!  If you look closely you can see skin burning on Jackie's legs!

Another special weekend came at the beginning of this month.  I got away with just me and the Lord all weekend.  I went to a beach condo owned by one of our student friend's parents.  They were generous enough to let me stay there.  It was so relaxing and amazing.  Here are a few of my views.
You know I am not a Florida girl since I opted for poolside on a lounge chair than on the sand.  I am just not used to the sand everywhere for the next week.
John and I had a great Easter.   I was grown up and cooked a full brunch for 7 of us.  And to work off the Risen Lord's Day brunch John and I rode our bikes around campus and discovered the AG side of UF.
nothing like a hottie on a bicycle I always say.