Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Break? What break, this is where we live!

John and I have just planned out our spring break . . . painting, long boarding, fundraising, studying, sewing(for me) and basketball of course (for John). And the neat thing is that the beach is on our to do list too. But for the first time we dont have to fly to enjoy the ocean and sunshine, it is just a hop in the car. It is kind of funny, we are trying to avoid spring break (i.e. lots of college students, drunkeness and nakedness)

This picture is actually from last fall when we went to St. Augustine beach after we just moved here. It is a beautiful place and aparently it is the oldest city in America. Here we come, every one loves an old married couple on the beaches of spring break!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Daily Teten

This past week, one of my key girls turned the big 19! We joined her for her celebration at McCalister's. It is a tastebud haven with yummy salads,texas-sized spuds, and sandwichs, and most important they have the best sweet tea . . . or diet coke for me! Yum, thanks Brittney for letting us celebrate your day!Oh, and I just dusted this picture off as I was going through my friend's facebook picture album. This old thing . . . oh yeah that time when we won the SEC national championship, it was like it was yesterday!
Facebook is a great place to steal pictures from other people's profiles. Thanks Heather.