Sunday, November 09, 2008

great weekend!

Last weekend was so much fun. Most of our weekends are but last weekend was exceptional. We started it by playing Settlers of Catan with two couples from our church. Everyone ganged up on me as I gained more and more points until the win was stolen from me. But it wasn't enough to ruin the weekend.
The next morning I went to a Champagne Brunch for a new for the fouth time mom. Delicious food, fun atmosphere and girl time.
Then, late that day I swindled a deal with Jenny from AT&T (this was really exciting until tuesday when the wrong phones arrived and I spent 2 hours with Sean from AT&T trying to figure out what Jenny was thinking.)
So I was still thinking we were getting a great phone deal and John and I headed out on our date. We ate at Macaroni Grill and just had a relaxing time.

Soon Sunday morning came and we decided not to attend church but to play hookie hookie hippo. We rode our bikes to the grocery store and John make banana pancakes with cinnamon apples.
Later we got our hobby on and John fiddled with his bike as I tackled my apron for the first time this semester. I was delighted to see the end in sight and I finished that 2 year long project!
Of course I wore the apron to make a dinner of mashed potatoes and apple-pear chicken with the last bottle of Abbey left from New Belgium.
That apron did not leave my body all night long. I needed to make sure I did not spill while reading and watching TV!

I realize that food plays a big roll in making my life so good. I am thankful for a weekend to remember.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

been to Colorado and back

I got to go back to Colorado for a weekend a couple of weeks ago. It as so much fun. Despite the fact that all of my treasured toiletries were taken from me at security because I was trying to save money by not checking my bag. While being distraught over my products, I arrived at my gate to find they were boarding already. I thought I was early, but I boarded nontheless. Only to find some man in my seat. After much confusion about seat assignments, my neighbor looked at my ticket and asked me "Are you are the right plane?" " Of course," I replied "we are headed for Houston (my layover,) and he said, "no, we are headed for Newark." So I frantically grabbed my things thinking for sure they would be locking me in soon. But I called John and we laughed together at my troubles. Eventually I made it to Colorado and enjoyed a great weekend.the reason I went home was to surprise my newly 18 year old brother for his last regular season home football game where he would be recognized on the field with his family. However, when I arrived at DIA, Brandon was there to surprise me. He had overheard April spill the beans about our plans. This is one of his senior pics that Eric took of him. What a stud.
They won the game which was important. They are undefeated!

I had so much fen being a part of this moment for my brother. He has worked so hard for years to be where he is at. And it has been so hard not to see him play every friday night and root him on. But I got to be there once, and it was amazing.

We also celebrated Brandon's 18th birthday. He has grown to love sushi as much as I do and so we went to his favorite and my favorite place in the world to get sushi, Suehiro. My parents are not so much into the sushi, but they grinned through it and might have made a few faces. I loved being with the fam.
We also saw some of my cousin's soccer games, we ate at the token spots, Lucilles and Big City. Obama was in town the same time I was, it was nice of the future president of the united states to plan his schedule according to mine.
Updates will come, as Bro is now in the playoffs and is ranked #2 in the state.