Sunday, August 20, 2006

Here is to 50 great years.

My grandparents would be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. 50 years ago they fell in love and were the beginning of a legacy of love, integrity, faith, hard work and devotion.

My grandpa died in March of 2003. He was an amazing man who loved his family, loved to work, bowl, and golf. But most of all he loved his wife.

I am so proud of my grandparents. To me they have been an example of a long lasting, fulfilling and selfless marriage. They set the bar high for future generations to put their spouse above themselves. I saw this over and over again in the way they cared for each other.

I had to throw this in, because it would not be my blog without a Melissa plug-in. What a cute little thing i am, and what an amazing grandpa I have pushing my swing.

Here is to an amazing couple, a loving example and the most encouraging picture of an eternal commitment I know of.I love you grandma and grandpa!

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Kristi said...

yes you are super cute, look at you =) i think that is awesome about your grandparents. I know how much your grandpa meant to you and i know he would love seeing this post. I wish i could be like my grandparents too!