Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pigeon Forge

We just arrived in Pigeon Forge. Our home away from home for the summer. This summer we will host around 140 college students in the Smoky Mountains. They will work at Dollywood theme park, live in a hotel, and be involved in intense bible study, evangelism and discipleship training for 8 weeks.
This blog is about to become a whirlwind of random pictures, stories from PG Las Vegas and mountain adventures. Here we go!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 years baby!

Today I celebrated the fifth year of marital bliss with Mr. Teten. We had brunch at our favorite local restaurant, went to a nursery and dreamed of future gardening, drove up the coast to a cute little town to walk around, read at a coffee shop and have dinner, and stopped on the drive home at the beach for the sun setting, more reading and watermelon for dessert. What made the day special was spending it with my best friend. I love him. He surprises me, holds my hand when I need him to, gives me butterfly kisses (don't tell him I told you so) and I even love the way his deodrant smells. The Lord gave me a great thing when He gave me John. I CANNOT wait to see what the next five years will bring.

Friday, May 20, 2011

One of fav things about summers in Jax is movies at the beach. A little picnic, a little wine, a little sea breeze and a classic movie.
This time we even invited friends into our little secret.


tomorrow we celebrate the 5 year mark. This adorable card was sent to us from John's mom and I needed everyone to see it. More tomorrow about the love of my life. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

in love

I have discovered some new things to eat! I had no shortage to begin with, but I am trying a whack diet to see if I have any food intolerances. So I have been gluten, dairy, sugar and depending on the day caffeine, chocolate and alcohol-free for almost three weeks. As a friend in town put it, its basically a food-free diet. Or a convenient-free diet. So I have been making yummy smoothies with spinach, drinking almond milk and eating more corn tortillas than I ever wanted to.
BUT . . . I have discovered a new convenient friend called Larabar. They are gluten, dairy and soy free and are usually made from three ingredients, totally raw. And after all that they manage to be yummy. They have flavors like coconut creme pie and banana bread. Come on! And to my delight I learned they are as cool as I am because they originated in Colorado! Thanks Larabar, for meeting my needs right when I was crying into my only-thing-I-can-eat-on-the-menu-yet-no-nutritional-value-iceberg-salad. I think a blueberry muffin is calling my name.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

here she is!

Our floor is in the finishing stages. We finished the boards at 4am this morning and we could not be happier to say goodbye to the glue and trowel.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

men at work

We are laying (glueing) a wood (bamboo) floor down in our house. Wood floors was on the bonus list for us when we were house shopping. And because the previous owners had a kitty who littered in the hall closet, we are getting our bonus wood, for free. 
It is, however, costing us much labor. In order to get sweet floors withing our flooring allowance we decided to put them in ourselves. Let me rephrase that, we decided John would do it. And his brother arrived just in time to get them started. 

We bought face masks and protection glasses for the sawdust, but as is common around here, we couldn't find them when we needed them. So bandanas and sunglasses it was. I call them rogue carpenters. 
David was a mighty help, but I think John got used to being able to bounce ideas off of someone right next to him. I have never heard John talk to himself more than this week. Its a constant stream of "oh thats true" and " yeah, I guess you're right". He is getting a good laugh out of it too. He just told me that he has started pep talking his tools: "you're really coming through today screw."
The best is when he has fit something perfectly and says something like "whats up now?" or "yeah baby" with a whistle. But the ultimate was when, to his own surprise, after cutting and fitting a board perfectly he yelled out "There is no Santa Claus!" Why? We are just not sure. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

it is the Lord's

Last night we dedicated our house to God. John's brother and his sweet wife were here to help us get our house in order. Before we started we spent the evening writing verses, prayers and praises to God on the our bare concrete subfloor. We each silently asked God to fulfill His word in specific ways in this home. And then we shared some of what we wrote and why. Finally, we prayed together to give the house back to the Lord, for His purposes and glory. It was pretty emotional for all of us as we imagined what God might do the years we occupy the home, the lives changed in our living room, the meals shared, the protection needed from the enemy, and the worship of God.
May this be the foundation of our home.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Thankful Things

It is hard to be away from family, especially on special days like mother's day. My mom deserves the honor and attention and pampering that come with the celebration. She has been such an example to me of a patient, honest, loving and sacrificial mom. I am so thankful for the woman she is and the relationship we have today. This photo was taken on my parent's honeymoon I believe. If you look close enough you can see the sparkle in her eye that was one day to be me. :)

On this day she had no idea she would be the mother of three. She is so young and hip in this picture. I wish she had saved all her late seventies clothes for me. And I love her wild hair, somehow my hair is neither thick nor curly. Bummer. Maybe my kids will have better luck.

Well, Mom, I hope you enjoy your picnic tomorrow. And I wish I was there with you! I would make you seven layer dip (with no beans of course) and then ask you to search our basement one last time for that yellow tank top.

wiith a lotta love,