Tuesday, September 07, 2010

summer succotash

I never had succotash growing up.  To be honest I don't think I would have liked it.  This southern dish is mainly lima beans and corn.  Meh. That combo does not get my taste buds going.

But our summer in Branson, Missouri (which I described here and here and here and finally here)  opened my eyes to succotash wonder.  The theme park that Branson is most widely known for is Silver Dollar City.  The park is 1880's themed and it was a hoot to see our students roaming the park with their long sleeved dresses and bonnets in the summer heat.

One of my students worked outdoors at a big frying pan selling succotash so we stopped to try some.  And it was delish!  Why?  Not because it had lima beans.  Because it had yellow squash and okra and bell pepper and corn and chicken, mmmmm.

So when I saw okra and yellow squash on sale at my grocery store i snapped up a ton to make and freeze for my man and me.  And I found on the food channel's website a recipe straight from the 1880's itself.

here is the recipe!


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