Sunday, September 05, 2010

more thrifted finds

So with the above mirror we spray painted it with a glossy gray we had left over from some other projects

and now it is a little delight in a mini hallway towards our bedroom.   I love how it has a romantic feel to it, but the color makes it a little gothic.  I am not convinced it needs to be gray forever, it was just what I had on hand and I needed instant gratification.  I have dreamed canary yellow dreams for it.

And then this cute glass cookie jar caught my eye too!  It is vintage with a western feel.

Those cookies by the way were made by John.  He makes up for when I have no desire to bake!  But the cookie jar is sure to inspire me.

There are still a few more things from the great thrifting adventure.  But they are still in process.


AmericKim said...

I love your finds. I am trying to figure out what color to paint a mirror I have as well. You inspire me for making the effort to at least try (mine's still in the garage). said...

You are an inspiration to me!