Monday, August 30, 2010

time with the Oteros

John and I celebrated our anniversary in Savannah back in May.  It was a delight of course, Savannah is so charming with the spanish moss, old architecture and street side cafes.  Not to mention it is the home of Paula Dean's restaurant.  But guess what happened?  We are walking down the street and from the other side of the road we hear "Tetens!"  yelled.  We looked and saw April and Joel Otero.  They were vacationing in Savannah and we had just happened to be there on the same street at the same time in Savannah!  How fun is that.
Joel and April are also on staff with the Navigators here in Florida.  They are at the University of South Florida in Tampa.  They are such a fun couple and they make us laugh whenever we are blessed to be with them.  
So here we both are in Savannah.  They are on vaca, we are on our anniversary celebration, and we think to ourselves why go to our separate romantic dinners alone when such fun friends are here in such a fun city?  So we did it!  We had dinner together!  And why, when you have Paula Dean's restaurant available, wouldn't you go eat at a Vietnamese place? So we found ourselves celebrating four years of marriage over a bowl of Pho with the Oteros!

We had such a fun time that they asked us to come to Tampa and have some more summer fun before the school year began.  So we did, and we ate Pho again, because we love it.

April is who I got to go thrifting with in Tampa, and it was SO fun.

thanks Oteros for being our friends!


here is a little sneak peak at something I fell in love with thrifting that now has a fresh coat of paint!  It just needs a quick upload to the computer for blogging.

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