Wednesday, August 18, 2010

for my fellow sewannabees

I love learning how to sew.  I mean I hate it at times too, but mostly it is a rewarding hobby.  I also love thrifting and recreating things from the thrift store.  And I have found another blogger, thanks to Whitney, that does it SOOO much better than I do.  Introducing Grosgrain

She creates beautiful dresses from thrifted items.  She makes her own patterns on Burdastyle and she has made simple tutorials for things that can be hard to master (like buttonholes for me).  And to top it all off she gives away a bunch of her creations.  What a woman!

I even bumped into some young women at a GoodWill in town who were looking for frocks to alter into hip dresses.  Turns out they were inspired by Grosgrain too!  How funny is that.

Hope you can benefit from her creativity too!

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Whitney said...

Isn't she AMAZING?? I have serious sewers envy when I look at her blog.