Friday, July 02, 2010

the 4th

the forecast for this holiday weekend is rain, rain and more rain.  which doesn't sound very celebratory, but when you live in Florida, it is!  Bring on the clouds and slightly cooler weather.  we will enjoy this weekend on our porch (with our new-to-us patio furniture, pics to come)  with some watermelon, corn on the cob and maybe even a blueberry pie!    Happy celebrations to you all! 


morgan said...

I understand. I also live in Florida. But at least your a adult. My day is ruined. Not like its the end of the world. But the whole teenage lets go out to our friends house and party. Now i am going to stay home in my room wait for my dad to cook dinner and watch a old movie. Or maybe read a good book. Real teenage of me right? Well i hope you have a good 4Th possibly better then mine.

Always & Forever,
Morgan Elaine.

Passionpen said...

I'm in Vermont and its a beautiful day that I am not enjoying because I am sick!!!! So rain or shine, I'd take either if I were at least feeling well. But it's cool. It's enabled me to be still. I've done some reading, sleeping, listening, sleeping...etc. You get the picture. Now for food...