Tuesday, May 18, 2010

summer plans

John and I just drafted our summer plans . . .
         :summer reading list
         :fundraising plan
         :my craft projects
         :his design projects
         :bible studies to do together
         :books to read together
         :prayer walks on campus and at the beach
         :people to get to know in Jacksonville
         :very easy workouts in our new gym
          (for me, John will do the real thing)
and most importantly
         :plans to celebrate our upcoming 4 year anniversary in Savannah
          bring on the sweet tea, spanish moss and southern drawls.


joe.joy.noelle said...

please add: post pics of our new home for all loved ones to see!

miss you two! loved the photo shoot in the previous post. what gym did you join? we toured three today...we have yet to pick, but i have my leanings...

Whitney Duvall said...

I'm terribly jealous!!!

Melissa said...

we are going to make a new place video . . . keep posted!

And our gym is the one located within our condo complex. It is your typical gym, but right next to the pool for a post workout dip.