Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Boy

Here are some reason why I am thankful that my husband was born 28 years ago . . .

He is a man's man, he can catch and gut a fish like the best of them!
He is really creative and great at design!  

He is over the top handsome and seems to be getting hotter as her gets older.  The older the better I told him.

He loves the beach, the ocean, (especially in shallow quantities) and splashing around like a little guy!  And I love it when he wears his train conductor hat!

He is clean!  And smells something good.

He indulges me.  This is him on his birthday a year ago, celebrated in China.  I made him wear a birthday crown the bakery gave him that resembled a Burger King crown.  What a guy.

He has shown me the ways of great coffee. 

He wore makeup and modeled just to please me in China!  Let me add here that I also appreciate that Asian women are specifically attracted to him.

He is a baller.

He is full of integrity . . . humility . . . and kindness.

He is good at pretty much everything.

He is winsome.  

Happy Birthday to my manly husband.

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