Saturday, May 29, 2010

falling in love with Jacksonville

it has not been a hard transition to Jacksonville so far.  granted we are still in the honeymoon stage.  the loneliness of not knowing many people here has not yet set in.  and summer, for us, is a usual break in seeing people on a regular basis, so when fall comes and we don't see familiar faces it is bound to be difficult. 

that said, we love being Duval County residents.  we love riding our bikes to campus.  we love the breeze we get from the ocean.  we love being 10 minutes from that ocean.  we love being really close to the public library (like true dorks), we love the adventure ahead of us of a new city to explore and people to get to know.

and most of all we have loved friday nights, which means a picnic dinner off of the beach as we wait for the sun to go down.  Once its dark we watch a movie projected at an amphitheater along with a few hundred other people.  And it is apparently legit to bring along a bottle of wine . . . so we do!

and while we wait we bring our books, from that library we live so close to!  Tonight's movie: Top Gun!  Highway to the danger zone was a hoot.  

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Sam said...

this post made me so happppy! i'm so glad you love our city!