Sunday, January 17, 2010

simple old-fashioned fun

About a month ago John and I visited our local Salvation Army thrift store. This one in particular we have found some hidden gems in the past. John found a barely used Sigur Ros CD. Which he was astounded by because they are an icelandic band that we were positive no one in Gainesville listened to.
But on this trip they were having a 50% off sale on select items. We walked out with a sweet mug, some vintage-cottage-style fabric that I will use for something cute, Scattergories game for 25 cents AND a puzzle for 25 cents.

We walked out realizing that the game probably has missing items, and the puzzle missing pieces. And nothing is worse than pouring over a puzzle for hours only to find out you can never complete it.
The game came in handy over Christmas break as we packed it away and played to our hearts content with the fam in Colorado.
As for the puzzle, we pulled it out this weekend to give it a go. AND to our amazement . . . we had all the pieces. The previous owners even went to great lengths to put all the edge pieces in a baggie. How nice of them. So, you can have hours of fun for only 25 cents. Beautiful.

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