Monday, January 11, 2010

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

While checking my email I was informed that today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, January 11th.

Nothing has gripped my heart more in the past couple of years like learning about modern day slavery. 27.1 million people are estimated to be in slavery today.

There are so many types of slavery and all types of people in bondage. And all need to be rescued and rehabilitated. But my heart aches especially for the little girls and women who are sold, forced or tricked into being prostitutes, sex slaves.

It is easier to believe that this is happening in faraway places, and some devastating cases can be found all around the world. However, it is harder to believe it happens here, down the street or across town, but it does.

I have read Not for Sale and am currently reading Terrify No More both are accounts of people who have begun massive rescue efforts around the globe. I don't want to simply feel sorry, cry a little and return the book to the library, that wont set girls my age and younger free. I want to help, I want to give money, I want to pray, I want to send qualified and skilled people to help, I want to help.

So if you feel inclined to know what is happening in Cambodia as well as next door then take a look at:


Lee said...

i just stumbled across this post talking about human trafficking. i've been thinking about this the last few days, had no idea it is a day on the calendar. it should be. this is something i feel strongly about but approach with fear, too. i'd like to know what i could do with no money. i'd also like to connect with others who know that this problem is as massive as it really is and want to help. thanks for putting it in the post. anyway, i like your blog, colorado is a beautiful place!

Melissa said...

thanks Lee for commenting! Human trafficking is a huge problem that I think we are slowly realizing is happening. And money does help, but I also know that praying for these children, men and women is as important as providing money to get them out safely. You could check out and to join a mailing list to receive more info.

Keep learning more and telling people, you can also promote items that ex-prostitutes sell to make money so they don't go back to slavery.