Wednesday, January 20, 2010

missing China

Last night I was trying to remember the smells of China . . . and what did the food taste like? I already forget. Must mean we have to go back to remind ourselves.
I do not forget what the people were like. I remember their names and their faces. Hopefully we get to see them again.


Anonymous said...

Hello! This is your long lost roomate Shelley! I can relate to this post because my uncle is now working in Shanghai and my Mom and I went to visit him in December...China was amazing!!!!! And I remember the smells and tastes...flower pepper flower pepper flower pepper...YUM!!!!! Where did you and John study?

Melissa said...

Hey Shelley! Great to hear from you. I am so glad you loved it there too. We were in a town near Shanghai. It was such a great experience.
How are you roommate?

Nicki said...

oh! hi! just wanted you to know i found your blog. :) wasn't hard to remember the name. lol.
<3 mrs.kozloski