Wednesday, January 28, 2009

important happenings

I didn't upload my pics in time to share what John got me as part of my birthday gift in my recent postings. He has bought me my sewing machine, the desk on which I sew and now the chair on which I sit and work on the desk on which I sew! What a guy. Its the cutest thing from Pier 1 and I love it. It is my salsa!Also, a pic of the restaurant he took me to in JAX. With my mangomamarita and the guac that knocks your socks off.
This week we had my aunt Lanae and uncle Lanny visit us in Gainesville while they were in Florida for vacation at Disney World. We enjoyed a few hours together on Monday. They owed us a starbucks treat because they bet against the Gators for the national championship. Suckers; you never bet agains the Gators. Just ask Joe and Joy, and Mark Smith. ha, we get quiet the loot for being Gators.

Important to notice though is the transformation Lanny underwent in just a few hours. From betting against the Gators to be being one. It doesn't take long. He left Gainesville wearing Gator gear.

And you wanna know why he became a Gator? Who wouldn't after running into Tim Tebow on campus. A heimans winner and quarterback of the Gators. We were looking at all his trophies and accolades in the stadium minutes before seeing him and getting a pic with him. Only in Gator Country!

Thats right. A Tebow sighting is something to blog about. Of course you know that John was embarrassed to be "the guy" who asks for a pic. So I did. And so John was "the guy" whose wife asks for the pic.
This weekend we are off for our spring conference with all the florida nav students. john is the director so if think to pray for him, our students (all 150 from across the state) and for our speaker Bill to bring the Word.

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