Sunday, January 18, 2009

birthday month

The only perk to not being with everyone you love on your birthday is that your celebration extends into days and weeks and the whole month as people love you.  This year was the first I did not celebrate in Fort Collins with my fam.  However that does not keep my mom and sister from making me feel special.  Thanks ladies for making me feel warm and cozy in Florida.  

My actual day was spent in Arizona at a wedding.  We snuck in some birthday festivities with free ice cream at 9 in the morning, grapefruit picking, sitting poolside with my brother and sister in law, a nail salon paint job (thanks Paul) and a chicago dog (thanks Pamela). And of course it was a special treat to see Becca the next day.

Once back in florida John had planned an evening in honor of my new age.  Last night we drove to Jaxsonville where there is a Cantina Loredo restaurant.  This summer John and I found this restaurant to be a haven for us in the middle of Branson Missouri.  I had no idea there was one in Florida.  But as we walked along a fun outdoor shopping plaza I saw the restaurant and knew that was were John was taking me.  It is always a little magical and romantic to explore nooks of new cities with my husband.  We love to try new spots and to imagine life there.   

What a lucky girl I am to be surrounded by people who make me feel treasured.  Thanks fam and friends, and thank You Lord for placing these in my life and for giving me abundant gifts in this life and eternity.  Here we go 24!

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Sherry said...

Happy Belated Bday Melissa! Sounds like you had fun! You are making me drool thinking of that Mexican resteraunt in Branson...I'm assuming it was the one that makes the guac. right at your table??? I have a faint hope now that I'll find one in my state...yeah right!