Friday, May 02, 2008

New Hairs for the Big Grad

There is much to blog about. The whole world passed by in the past month, at least it felt like it to us. Wowzers. First of all, I am DONE with school. Raise the roof, praise the Lord, and open a bottle of champagne! Woohoo. To celebrate John and I laid by the pool, the Nugents hosted a party for me and I got a hair cut.


Anonymous said...

congratulations!!!!!! i'm so proud of you! love the haircut...okay, and the sunglasses! -joy

jordan.becca. said...

You are truly lovely....Rasie the roof indeed! Love the haircut and love YOU, friend.

Whitney said...

Cute do!!! Glad to see those young college buck-a-roos are keeping you hip:)