Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cream of Colorado Soup

We made it back to Colorado just in time for me to join my gals to celebrate Katie's going away into marriage party. The Melting Pot delighted our senses as it does, it was so good to laugh with my friends!
Katie on the right is now betrothed to a dashing young Ryan McCulley. Congrats you two.

Fun-loving David and Pamela took us on a spin around town to the free beer tastings. New Belgium always pulls through for us. And then we ate some of the best that FoCo has to offer at Cooper Smiths. Thanks for the treat Tetens.

Enjoying good ol' Coca Cola at the Moddelmog-McCulley wedding.

David and I celebrated our graduation together too. Except for that it looks like we are going on a cruise instead. We'll take it anyway.

My momma on Mother's Day. Poor woman had to host a graduation party on her day of love. Thats the love of a mother though. What a picture of grace, beauty and strength this woman is.

Our favorite stop of the trip was seeing sweet Vivian Joy. John got to hold her forever because I was and still am dying from the plague of eastern colorado. But she was so fun to watch and Kristi is a perfect mom for her. It is going to be hard to watch our nieces grow up over the virtual world of emails and blogs, but they are so pretty we will take all the pictures we can get. Thanks once again to the willagers of Colorado for our fun-filled week.

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Anonymous said...

so fun...wish we could have been there with you... -joy