Monday, October 02, 2006

let's talk groceries ladies!

I know it seems a little too domesticated of me to be sharing the latest in grocery news as a young wife. But this just simply cannot go unnoticed. So for all of my fellow grocery getters who want in on the best deals and need to watch their grocery spending then I have something for you! It is called The GroceryGame. I am still trying to figure it all out myself. But it is a grocery sale resource. It tracks your local store(s) of choice and local newspaper coupon adds and tells you what to buy this week. The Grocery Game will highlight the best deals so you know whether or not to buy something that may or may not be at its lowest price. It is a little overwhelming at first. But I know I have saved a lot in the past month.

The key is that you are supposed to stock up when something is at a very cheap cost. And then you are not forced to buy it when you run out at its full value. Some people plan there whole meals around what is on sale . . . i have not gotten that far.

An example: Last month I spent around $170 on groceries and saved about $90 and I still bought some things at full price. That seems pretty good, but the grocery all-stars are saving hundreds and spending under $50. Maybe there is an elite grocery guru network that I do not know about?

Anyway if you are interested then the link is above, and I would be happy to answer any questions about this over-the-top-but-very-useful tool someone was kind enough to share with me.


Becca Blackham said...

Oh I am SO excited! I'm doing it! ...i have to :)

Dawn Luze said...

I've tried to do this in the past, but it seemed too overwhelming! Let me know when you get the hang of it and then fill me in! I've never really been a coupon shopper, but I think it's time to start!! BTW...we miss you both very much! Can't wait for December!!

Kristi said...

Hey sounds cool, but also seems too good to be true. I went to the website and i just don't get it. What if the sales aren't for things that you buy? Anyway, let me know how it works for you and if you really end up saving money.