Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gator Growl

This past week was homecoming for UF. School was closed on Friday and we went to Gator Growl. It is the largest student-run pep rally in the world! It was pretty crazy to sit with 40,000 other gator glad fans and watch comedians, entertainers, football players and lots of spirited students, cheerleaders, band members, and gator alumni who have had season tickets their whole lives and pulled into town yesterday to tailgate for the nest 48 hours. Football and sports in general is a whole other world that I am trying to immerse myself in. I commited a swamp sin when I turned down a free ticket to the Alabama game. But somehow riding my bike (because car transportation is a joke on game day) into a tailgating frenzy of fans and try to find my husband among 90,000 people sounded worse than running errands in shopper-free stores. But the good news is that the Gators won, my husband and our students are happy. Let the Gator Growl! (to any gator opponent who might be reading this and feel offended . . . my disclaimer is that I am not a true gator . . . I just own and increasing wardrobe of gator attire . . . thats all)

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