Friday, September 16, 2011

a new journal

Does anyone else who keeps a journal have a hard time writing on the first page? I have such hesitation staring at the first blank page that my natural instinct is to turn the page so my first words would be hidden behind the first page. Because what if my penmanship is poor the first page? I will have to see that every subsequent day. Do I begin with cursive? What if I want to switch to print? What I write in the first lines could be too telling. What if someone mistakingly claims it and reads a few words before realizing their error? I don't want the tone of the first page to set the pace for everything else, I want to wait for the right tone-setter. So I leave the first page blank, so there is room to write the perfect thing later. To make it look pretty. To not waste anything. Because a journal is a year-long comittment for me, here's to second pages.


bpshef said...

I totally agree. It is like you jumped inside my head. I feel the same way about journals. All my first pages are blank. I don't even promise myself I will go back to them. They just sit there, all blank and sad. I knew we were friends for a reason.

Passionpen said...

I am the same way!

en el mundo. said...

It's your journal anyway.
You can make mistakes if you want!!!!
Don't be afraid!
My journal is a mess! but I love it anyway!
and when I look backwards with pictures and scratch it just seems original, with a real life and a real story to tell.

Monica said...

So true, too much pressure. I always right a verse on the first page...can never go wrong if God's the author! :)