Friday, August 19, 2011

two brand new loves

Hello friends who read my blog.

I have been introduced through some friends to the wonderful site,  It is a virtual pinboard of all the things that inspire you, things you want to remember, ideas etc.  And once I got the hang of it, I LOVE it.  Who does not like to keep all the pretty things they find on the world wide web in one place?  And I can see what my friends think is really pretty too.  My usernames is mrsteten.  shocked I am sure.  But check it out if you want.

AND then, through a pinterest link, I found this site just last night, and FELL. IN. LOVE.  A cute woman started her own vintage clothing and home goods store and has a blog about it called a beautiful mess. She includes oh-so-needed info, like how to pinroll your hair in the cutest way ever or how to DIY lace briefcase, pictured above.  Of course!

Hope you enjoy these to time wasters as much as I have.

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