Thursday, August 25, 2011

Has anyone else around these parts had a hard time finding a decaf worth drinking at starbucks? No? I am the only one who worries about such things? While most people are trying to get their kids to bed at night or get to bed early for tomorrows big day, I am left wondering what to drink.

Well i was honest one day with my local barista. Starbucks doesn't brew decaf past 10 in the morning? Can anyone explain? And if anyone has had a decaf americano, well he. You know its disappointment in a cup. So the friendly barista whipped up a quad decaf for me. Which is 4 shots of decaf espresso topped with a bit of hot water, add a splash of half and half and you have got a buttery smooth and rich drink. Just in time for beddy bye. Which is what i am drinking before my 4 hour flight to AZ.

Can anyone else tell that traveling without the hubs is quite boring?

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Nicki said...

i love love love your blog. :) it is a treasure.