Saturday, May 14, 2011

men at work

We are laying (glueing) a wood (bamboo) floor down in our house. Wood floors was on the bonus list for us when we were house shopping. And because the previous owners had a kitty who littered in the hall closet, we are getting our bonus wood, for free. 
It is, however, costing us much labor. In order to get sweet floors withing our flooring allowance we decided to put them in ourselves. Let me rephrase that, we decided John would do it. And his brother arrived just in time to get them started. 

We bought face masks and protection glasses for the sawdust, but as is common around here, we couldn't find them when we needed them. So bandanas and sunglasses it was. I call them rogue carpenters. 
David was a mighty help, but I think John got used to being able to bounce ideas off of someone right next to him. I have never heard John talk to himself more than this week. Its a constant stream of "oh thats true" and " yeah, I guess you're right". He is getting a good laugh out of it too. He just told me that he has started pep talking his tools: "you're really coming through today screw."
The best is when he has fit something perfectly and says something like "whats up now?" or "yeah baby" with a whistle. But the ultimate was when, to his own surprise, after cutting and fitting a board perfectly he yelled out "There is no Santa Claus!" Why? We are just not sure. 

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