Saturday, April 23, 2011

thankful things

One thing we knew in Gainesville. We did not do a good iob of building close relatuonships with our friends in town. Sometimes we even wondered if we had them. We were surrounded by awesome students who did become friends. And our church and staff family were a great network of friends. But outside of work? Peers? . . . (cricket sounds).

We moved to Jacksonville knowing we wanted friends. And Jacksonville has been anything but lonely. There have been so many connections with people throughout the city. And we have made friends! Praise the Lord!
Two of those friends are pictured here. They don't know I took this picture on our last doublie-do date. Sharlie will know once she hops over here to catch up on all things Teten.
We are blessed by them. They are our peers and are not on Navigator staff, already we are off to a good start. He loves sports! She bakes bread!
Even more they share a love for Jesus, are like-hearted and can sympathize with us in our stage of life! I am thankful that Jesus has friends for us along the way of painful seasons who can cry with us, pray with us and play ticket to ride with us.

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