Friday, March 18, 2011

spring break

Its spring break for UNF students. That means time to fundraise for us. We took a mini trip back to gainesville to see some people. And I am sitting in places I used to spend hours upon hours with girls. We would read the bible together, pray for our friends and family, cry over broken relationships and build memory upon memory over cups of coffee. I miss those girls. But they are doing what we prepared them to do. Live in the world, work among peers and walk alongside people loving them and caring for them in the name of Christ. I want them to spend hours with other young women, showing them the riches that are in Christ that they have seen for themselves.

And I start fresh, with new, young, sweet girls who need to be shown the love of Christ and the freedom that comes from trusting in Him for salvation. I get four years with them, Lord willing, to stuggle our way through growing pains, asking God to make Himself known. This is a bitterSWEET calling. Some days its too much to handle, and others its too wonderful to imagine anything else.

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Whitney said...

We would love to help support you guys. Will you send me some info?