Thursday, March 24, 2011

27 days until closing.

there is not much to share on the home front.  We have just been signing whatever our realtor, bank and lawyer send us.  Yikes!

But we have been thinking about how to use our carpet allowance.  We have a certain amount of money the seller has agreed to pay in order to redo the floors.  This is because they had a cat whose litter box was in a hall closet.   Yucko man.  Who would put urine and feces in a small, unventilated area meant for coats?
So what do we do? Carpet? Part carpet part laminate floors?  Laminate floors instead of the tile in the kitchen?  Can we install laminate on our own?  Is it worth paying someone else to sweat and swear their way through it? Who knows.  If you have any thoughts please feel free to share.

the inspection is scheduled for monday.  You may join us in praying God would protect us financially!

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