Tuesday, April 20, 2010

project pita

I am seeing a common theme in my life: food.  Most of my posts recently have revolved around eating.  Dang.  I am getting really good at it.

Back to pitas. I LOVE Gyros.  And it is not a gyro unless it is wrapped in a soft tasty warm pita.  Or flat bread.  That is my problem, I don't know which it is.  Pitas have pockets.   Flat bread doesn't?

Well since I have been grinding my own wheat for almost two years now I figured it was time to put the bread and scone making aside to embark on unchartered territory.  Mediterranean territory.  Flat bread land.  

Oops, I guess I forgot to tell you that I have tried this once before.  It is not something I like to remember, my flat bread turned into small hard discs the size of a makeup compact.  Not much gyro meat will fit in there.

So for this I turned to my handy Phylis Stanley cookbook (the mother of all whole wheat cooking)  rather then the internet.  She had a recipe for pitas, flat bread, leavened and unleavened bread.  I tried them all.  And the leavened bread takes the cake!  At least when cooking with whole wheat and using The Mother's cookbook, leavened is where it is at.  It was biblical.

I know it looks like a fried egg, but frying it rather than baking it gives it a toasty flavor.

On the horizon is my baking snack, coke zero and cheetos.  Right!

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Mrs. Beer said...

Um. YUUMM. Gyros are possibly my favorite food. True, I'm partial because I'm Greek, but omg yum. Good for you making your own pita! Very cool.