Saturday, March 20, 2010

on breakfast in Gainesville

Before we moved to Gainesville, John and I lived in Fort Collins.  And one of the defining characteristics of Fort Collins, along with great biking lanes, view of the Rockies, New Belgium Brewery and no humidity, is that they at one point in history had the most restaurants per capita than any other U.S.  city.

That said, we have our Fort Collins faves.  It is hard to believe that nobody does sushi better than Suehiro.  And a potato burrito from Big City is hard to match.  But most of all, you have GOT to love breakfast in Fort Collins.  Farmer's Table has been a long time family fave, and right up there on John's list of breakfast spots.  There is also Silver Grill, the Breakfast Club, the Blue Bird Cafe, and many others that have popped up since we have moved.  But my ALL TIME favorite has to be Lucilles.  You just cannot get a better biscuit for your buck.  Coffee, good breakfast coffee.  Tea, never had better.  Hank's eggs, awesome.  

So when we moved to Gainesville we were all about finding our new spot to get breakfast on a lazy Saturday morning.  We are still looking.  I mean, there is Ivey's if you want to spend a lot of money.  There is Peach Valley Cafe if you want local Perkin's-style fare.  And then there are spotty places around town where you can find eggs and grits with toast, but don't expect much more.  Oh and flying biscuit which is the Egg and I of the South except not as good.  So we gladly go to Cracker Barrel when we need some pancakes.


We have found another spot.  Only 6 weeks before we must move of course.  This place has personality.  It is called The Jones, and while Lucilles would kick their butt most days of the week, we will take it!  We had some Jones Rancheros which was de lish.   All of their food is organic and local.   We are sure to stop by again before starting our search all over again in Jacksonville.  And for those of you lucky to be in Fort Collins, and don't know what I mean, your welcome, I have eaten a lot of food in that town to tell you exactly where to go out to eat.
Melissa "I want to a Lucilles biscuit" Teten


Shelley said...

LUCILLE'S!!!! I have been in California 9 months now and I would kill and maim for eggs new orleans... And Rainbow's cheese sauce...NO ONE DOES BREAKFAST LIKE THE FORT! That is a fact...

PS...The apple butter at Lucille's as mouth is watering just THINKING about it...

April said...

I've been to Lucilles in the last's ok. You can be jealous.

W.C.Camp said...

HA HA -- "De LISH", Have you patented that phrase yet. Perfect for my frequent restaurant stops!
Fun and Energetic Post. Keep up the blogging. - W.C.C.

Sherry said...

What??? You are moving??? How did I miss that? Where to? South Dakota I hope! :) Fill me in, I want details. And now, thanks to you, I also want Cracker Barrel!

Love ya,