Saturday, March 06, 2010

"I made it work"

John returns tomorrow!  He has been with a students at the African American Congress on Discipleship in Virginia.  I cannot wait for him to return to me!  It is hard sharing your husband.  For any of you wives who regularly have to say good-bye to your husbands due to the nature of their work, I salute you, or cry with you, or want to buy you pepper spray.

I range from a bump on a log to a power house (call me the mitochondria of my home)  when John is away.  This time I finished a sewing project I started when he was away a few weekends ago (pictured above).  I also made some homemade granola in anticipation of my in-laws coming to visit soon.  Soon as in a few weeks, and by then the granola will be gone.

I had the privilege of attending two weddings in matter of a handful of hours, in which I wore my latest garment!

Other than than it has been phone calls to friends to keep me occupied, watching My Sister's Keeper, and finding out what Modern Family is all about.

I cannot wait for John to come home.


Becca and Jordan Duvall said...

Beautiful piece of work!! you are a talent, young your hair short, or is it pulled back??

Sherry said...

Jeff is gone all this week too! When you have three kiddos - you alternate between REALLLY missing him and being too busy to think about it. :)

Passionpen said... love your hubby. And he loves his wifey. I saw him at conference and he said he was enjoying it but it would be better if you were there. Aww..I'm lovin it!!!!! I'd so rather read about you missing him than reading words that reply the "good riddance" spirit. Praising God for your marriage.