Wednesday, March 04, 2009

same same but different

This is apparently a vietnamese saying. I am not sure all the origin, except for that it refers to when something is the same, but different.

That is how I feel these days looking ahead.

We are for sure in Gainesville for another year. We are very excited about this. But we will be done with our training in May. So really we get a bonus year with our students and the staff. Same same but different

We are officially staying at our apartment for this upcoming year. I had not considered moving out of this apartment since we moved here. But the idea of renting a house and having a washing machine and dryer a few steps away sounded dreamy. However, we are staying but for a shorter lease and we are no longer the show unit. Mostly we love being the show unit, since it means $100 less on our rent every month. Our property management has just decided not to show occupied units. Shucks. Same same but different.

We are going overseas for 6 weeks this summer. Nothing similar about it, just different. We are SO excited and are going to Charlotte, NC for missions orientation this weekend for that trip.

And Atlanta has been our most visited destination this year. We are going again, but this time for a week to serve the homeless with our students for spring break.

I would love to share more and be altogether more interesting. But there is much to do!


Sherry said...

Hi Melissa! It is fun to hear what you are up to. Hearing about summer makes me want to pack up and live next door to you in a hotel room again. That was sure a fun summer. Thing 2 is currently eating us out of house and home...and throwing all his orange peels on the floor claiming he is Cookie Monster...guess that is my cue to sign off.



Anonymous said...

Sweet Melissa! Great to hear about how you're doing! Where are y'all headed this summer? Our summer won't be the same without you.

Love you friend!