Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Sweet Valentines

Most of my life I have spent my valentine days alone or with girlfriends.  It is only in the past years that I have been blessed to call John valentine.  (Our first Valentine's Day he bought me a Chipotle Burrito, which of course stole my heart.)  But as I was thinking about this season of love, I realized that I have two valentines after my own heart.  Jesus and John.  One of our students commented that its not fair for me to have two valentines, and I replied that I have to love one in order to love the other!
What a lucky girl I am to have two knights after my heart!
John and I did celebrate Valentine's Day all day long.  I got up early to get him some doughnuts and coffee before he got up.  Doughnuts are the way to his heart.  Then we went out for lunch to avoid the crowds and enjoyed a delicious cajun meal in downtown Gainesville.  John continued loving me by feeding me by making my favorite meal for dinner.  Fajitas!  What a glorious day for me to have the love of my life cook for me the love of my taste buds.  
We had a great weekend, and my hope and prayer is that all of you find Jesus as your valentine too!

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Sherry said...

Very sweet! Now I am hungry, again!