Saturday, August 01, 2009

interesting foods!

We ate a bunch of different kinds of foods. Some I had never had before, others I had eaten, just not that part of it! Here are a few . . .
there is much to note here. First the bird is carved out of some fruit, but that is just for beauties. The dish here is snake, chopped in bits, with the skin still attached. And the best way to eat it, apparently is with the skin. Yums.
Pigeon . . . all that remained of it anyway after we had at it. It's head is on the top left of the plate.
This was a little picnic snack provided for us. That is chicken in between crackers. Processed, tubed chicken of course.
Zong zi . . . a traditional treat to eat at Dragon Boat Festival. They are rice triangles with meat or egg or ? inside.
Left baggy: dried rose buds . . . "good for skin" right baggy: ? "bitter, good for waist"
This was more different than weird, this is John's birthday cake. Although they do not celebrate birthdays except for children, I had this cake made for John's day. It has fruit on it, typical cakes have various fruits on top!

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