Sunday, December 07, 2008

travels and thanksgiving

I am often reminded of my lack of blogging by my sister. I cannot believe a whole month has gone by right out from under me. In the past two weeks we have traveled to Tennessee and back and Georgia and back and plan on being in Wisconsin, Colorado and Arizona in the next three. Ahh. I am having a hard time feeling like it is the Christmas season with all of our busyness. I haven't even decorated our apartment since we have hardly been home.

But we have plenty to be thankful for. We had the privilege of spending our first thanksgiving in three years with family. We drove to Knoxville with Josh to spend the holiday weekend with David & Pamela, Nick & Katie, Caryn, and Lindsey . . . and then Ryan & Katie joined us for an hour or two on friday!

This is all of us at the park. We all are CSU alumni and met in Navs. How exciting to have God bring us together for thanksgiving in Knoxville. Who would have known?

We ate lots of food, played games, talked, cried, worshipped the Lord, drank coffee, laughed and drank more coffee. John and I loved staying at David and Pamela's apartment where the graciously made their home our home for a couple of days. After thanksgiving we decorated their apartment with Christmas delight.

We looked at Katie's wedding pics as the guys played some disc golf. Although we are scattered geographically, we are all learning to trust God in our various situations of life. Most exciting of all is the little Hamilton growing inside Katie (far left)

Also noteworthy is that John and David dressed alike!


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i love this! my heart just warms up with joy as i imagine all of you together. see you soon!