Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Getaway

So John and I ran away from Branson for two nights this past week. It was unbelievably refreshing for us to be together and enjoy all the plans John had made for our time. We camped on the shores of Table Rock Lake the first night in our new tent. He loves memories of camping as a boy so I was so excited to let John show me how he wants our family to camp! We made a hobo dinner that we tailored to our tastes and whatever was in the cooler. And we make dough-boys, which to everyone outside the Teten family is a buttermilk biscuit cooked over the fire and anything sweet thrown in to the center.
Then our next journey was into the quaint town of Eureka Springs in Arkansas. It is like the Boulder of Arkansas if that is possible. We stayed at the cutest Bed and Breakfast and had our own little rock cottage.

As we walked around we dreamt of Kristi and Jens owning a B & B and how perfect they would be at providing amazing food, an inviting place to stay and a place for peoples pets too! Eureka Springs was made for the Davis family!

The breakfast might be the best we have ever had. Peaches and Cream, fritata, asparagus, tomatoes and pecan crusted bacon. And who doesn't cap off breakfast with a pumpkin spice cake with spiced whipped topping? You might see a theme of great food. It is such an important part of our times together.

And finally, we posed with Christ of the Ozarks, and we still don't know how we feel about it.


Joy said...

sounds so fun! i'm glad you were able to get away and make some sweet memories. miss you guys too much!!

Jens and Kristi said...

Thanks for thinking of us. We loved the message you left. Glad you guys had a romantic getaway. Can't wait till we get a chance to see you agian.