Monday, April 14, 2008

Sleeping At Last

We went to Jacksonville for the weekend. Mostly to see Sleeping At Last in concert, but we took the opportunity to meet one of our student's family, go to the beach and check out the town! It was a lot of fun. My favorite part was Rita's ice cream. It was the highlight of the WHOLE weekend. And the weekend was a lot of fun, so that is saying a whole lot about a small cup of custard with italian ice! Love it.

We are gearing up for the last couple of weeks on campus. John has been arranging some of the last meetings with our students, and will be busy getting us ready for the summer in Branson. I have quite a few papers to write (6 to be exact.) But the end of those papers means the end of my undergrad life as I know it. I cannot wait. We hope to have a little celebration with our students, they are just as excited for me to graduate, it makes up for not getting to experience it in real time.

After school, staff meetings at the beach and some visitors we head to Colorado to cram everything we love about the state into one week. Then we are off to Branson. I am sure this time is about to fly by, hopefully I can hold on to it long enough to get that degree! I am sure the Lord would accept your prayers on my behalf.


Shelley said...

Me Friggen I got your my space message and was so happy to read your voice! Right now I'm working with dogs at a daycare and counting down the days til I go back to school next to get my teaching credential. I read you are going to Missouri for the summer and I will be there for a week in July! But anyways I started a blog, why I don't know, but you should go there and go there often!

Whitney said...

Melissa you have exquisite taste in music! Just want to let you know that you and the hubs are in my prayers....have a blessed summer!